Lost snapshots in MongoDB Atlas

I’m run to a stange issue in mongo db atlas restores.
Whenever I restore a snapshort via mongo db atlas UI , this snapshorts moves from the “SnapShots” to the “Restore History” tan.
From this minue , there is no option to use this snapshort anymore as its gone from the UI and lost forever.

This is where I click the restore :

After a succusfull restore , I see the restore History , but there i sno way to restore using that snapshot again

Am I missing something ?
How do I use a snapshot which I have used before ?


Hi @Sagi_Karni the snapshot just moved to the second page because of how many snapshots you are keeping in retention. While on the snapshots page, in the bottom right you will see a page button.

and look at a day where I did not restore.
I se a snapshot every 2 hours

The snapshots are NOT on the next pages.
After I restore them they were completly gone from the Snapshot tab
Please look on the attached file.
My policy is to backup every 2 hours , which is what I usually see :slight_smile: a snapshot is created every 2 hours exactly.
However , pay a close attemntion : see the difference between each snapshot (the timing)

see here (this is where i did many restores)

I will send you a direct message, I am happy to review this with you on a Zoom

That would be great.
Waiting for your invite.

Thanks you for your help
It should work as expected now after you reolved the issue (very fast if I might say (-: