Looking up full document in Realm-Web watch() method

Hi, I am trying to use mongodb as a real time database with nextjs. After some research, the easiest solution to use mongodb on client side would be using realm-web library. It provides pretty much everything core mongodb library provides. But, unfortunately one thing is missing there. It looks like it doesn’t support fetching initial data while watching a collection.

It is possible to fetch initial data in core library with passing an option to the watch method.

In documentation of realm-web library, there is no available option for watch method. It says only filter can be passed, which is a bit annoying since in most cases watch would like to be used with fetching initial data.

So my questions are;

  1. Even though it is not documented, is there any shortcut to fetch initial data for watch method in realm-web?
    (One way of doing this might be fetching data with find method and then subscribing for updates with watch method. But this would be a bit messy since my app is very dynamic and I don’t want to miss any data. Also syntaxes for the watch filter and find filter slightly differ, so it wouldn’t be easy to write a generic wrapper function for this)

  2. Is there any other alternative solutions to use mongodb on client side with core nodejs library? I don’t need any write access on client side. What would be wrong with creating a user with read access, using it for all users and exposing the password on client side? I guess the only risk would be vulnerability for a spamming attack. Is there a way to rate-limit connections on database side?