Looking for MongoDB related work

Hello. I am looking for some work related with MongoDB database. I am trained and have some experience working with MongoDB. I am interested in the areas of database programming - Aggregation Framework, Indexing/Performance, Data Modeling and basic Cluster Administration. I can program using NodeJS and Java drivers. I am also experienced in programming with relational databases.

My present interest is in short-term and task based (paid) work. You can also find my MongoDB related posts at StackOverflow, prasad_. Please feel free to contact me about your interest with a private message to me or query me with the contact field (you may have to $reduce the string array field :slight_smile: ).

me: {
    first_name: "Prasad",
    last_name: "Saya",
    contact: [ "prasadsaya", "@", "yahoo", ".", "com" ],
    lives_at: {
        location: "The subcontinent",
        timezome: "IST (GMT+5:30)"
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I liked this. Nice and subtle.

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Yeah, thinking like a MongoDB developer!