Looking for MongoDB Learning partner!

Hello, MongoDB enthusiasts!
I am looking for learning partners.

My plan:
I. Preparation

  • on weekdays: read the manual, official articles, watch videos about MongoDB.
  • once a week to do a small task to strengthen the knowledge on practice. Task must be submitted to a git repository.

II. Pair work

  • on daily basis: discuss the newly read information with the partner on the call (google meets), ask questions and be ready to answer all the partner’s questions.
  • once a week: review partner’s task on github.

Requirements to the partner:

  • Wants to learn/improve the knowledge about MongoDB
  • Able to spend about few hours per day on reading and, doing practice and having a daily call.
  • Able to have a 1-hour call at some point during 9AM-4PM Kiev time on weekdays (Mon-Fri)

I need to have few meetings per week - it can be 1 or 3 meetings per week, depending on the time you have.

I could do all the learning alone, but with the partner the process is much more interesting and fun. And, much efficient, of course :slight_smile:

A bit about me: I have 2 years of Node.js and MongoDB development. I already know it well, but I would like to know it even better, in more details :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, you can reply here, under this post or write me to my email: biryuk.vy@gmail.com.


Hello @slava

this is a great idea to learn as a team! I personally I can not participate, but I like to forward this idea. Since this is a great approach in a community sense.

Good luck with your certification! In case you come across questions to be solved or statements to be verified please do not hesitate to post them here. We will find an answer.



Love this idea, @slava! Have you been able to find some folks to partner with?

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Hello, @Jamie!
Nope. I am still looking for a MongoDB learner partner.

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