Looking for MongoDB in Node.js Certification Exam Practice Questions

Hi everyone,

I am planning to take the MongoDB in Node.js Certification Exam soon and I am looking for some resources to help me prepare for it. Specifically, I am in need of practice questions that will help me assess my knowledge and identify areas where I need to improve.

If anyone knows of any good resources for MongoDB in Node.js Certification Exam practice questions, please share them in this forum. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, tips, or advice on how to best prepare for this certification exam.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Mohammad_Aazen, Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forum,

I have recently passed the node.js developer certification exam and it was an awesome experience, my post on linkedin.

You just need to visit the MongoDB newly launched website for the learning and certifications.

Direct link to the MongoDB Associate Developer Exam, you will find the course, exam guide, and practice questions as well.

All the best in advance :+1:


Thankyou for your reply but i am looking for a platform where i could test my skills based on the targetted questions

There are practice questions, If you have checked the direct link to the certification that I have shared,

I am sharing a direct link to the practice questions of node.js,

I would suggest you refer to the course, they have provided the proper video tutorial and Q&A, just need to clear the concepts,

This one i have completed :slight_smile:

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