Looking for how to visualize mongodb data

Hello, we’ve a mongo DB instance running on an own physical server and I’d like to find a free tool where could be visualized the data and created few dashboards.

  1. I read about Atlas Charts, but they seem to be available only for cloud instance of mongo DB. Is there way how to use it for DB which is not in cloud and not running on a public IP?

  2. What are other options where I can create dashboards and charts for the data I have in mongo DB for free and share them in intranet?


Hello @Petr_Kovar,

Welcome to the MongoDB community forum!

While there are several tools available to visualise data from MongoDB, such as PowerBI, Tableau, and SAP Analytics Cloud and many more, please note that these tools are not MongoDB products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their accuracy and support.

MongoDB provides its own visualisation tool called Charts, which is available for data deployed on Atlas. If you are interested in using Charts, you can migrate your local database to Atlas using the instructions provided in this link: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/import/#migrate-or-import-data.

Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have.

Best regards,

Hi Aasawari, thanks for your reply.
So is there way to setup the Charts locally on my server, or the DB has to be migrated to the cloud? I have on the server Java app producing new data for the mongo DB.
Are any of the other tools capable of running on a server and not in a cloud?

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