Looking for Hackers: HokeyPokey

Team Name: HokeyPokey

Outline of project & requirements from team members

I’m a designer/developer looking to team up with another developer who enjoys working with large datasets.

I have an idea inspired by the New York times that will leverage some pattern recognition. The end product will be a one-page interactive web-based experience.

Though there’s room for ideas from whoever I work with - I look forward to sharing a detailed overview soon.

Team member skills required

Ideally you are someone who:

  • has experience working with MongoDB.
  • is comfortable with NodeJS / Lambda Functions.
  • enjoys building tools for a broad audience.

How many team members wanted


Time Zone (to facilitate collaboration)

Europe / NA East Coast


This is great Ollie - thanks for posting. Sounds like a great idea (and glad to hear you like large datasets!!) - pattern recognition is very powerful in helping predict future trends too - I love it!

Hopefully you’ll attract the interest of a possible hacker match? We’ll browse the skills listed in the Hackers looking for projects and see if we can matchmake for you too.

Thanks for adding your project


Love the team name BTW!! :smile:


Hello Ollie!
I would be very happy to discuss more with you about your idea and find out how i can help.
I have full stack experience on the tech you want MongoDB, AWS Lamda Functions, Angular (Frontend) and more.

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Great to reach out @Nikos_Kousathanas - I hope this works out. We can assist in setting up a private space for the project for you.

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