Looking for Hackers: Does NO mean YES?

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I can’t form a team on my own in this Hackathon, also I am a little bit limited in time. But I like to share some ideas and if a team likes to pick up I’d be glad to support when it comes to Data Architecture / Schema Design. :slight_smile:

The hypothesis is that before major, often negative or unpleasant, events. Politicians like to emphasize that these events will NOT occur.
An interesting question is: can we establish a relationship between these statements and the final occurrence? Is it possible to identify contraindications and thus possibly predict the occurrence of events?

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Hi @michael_hoeller ! I just got in here for the night & am very intrigued by and interested in seeing if or how I could help a team get started with the project that you outline here. I am just not sure where I can start or how I can help. I am a frontend tech degree grad with about 2 1/2 years of study, with some MongoDB university course work under my belt but very limited when it comes to how to tackle a hackathon project of this caliber. If I can help or be a part of helping even just to find a team, I will be more than happy to do it, like you I am pressed for time, so I like to put my best foot forward with the time I do have. Now I am off to catch up on some hackathon material, read some GDELT and CAMEO code documentation and try my best to soak it in and become more useful than I was yesterday. Have a great night and hope to talk soon!


Hello @Jason_Nutt ,

glad to hear that you want to get into this. I was loosely following your 100 DayOfCode challange. As noted I can not run this project but would be happy to support. IMHO it would be a good setup to find two seniors who want to sit in the driving seats and rock the project.

To explain more: I am bound more than expected in two other customer projects. I might be too careful at this point but I do not want to over commit and not deliver at the end and in turn negatively affect a team. I can commit to support in terms of schema design and querying - every commitment beyond would be a risk. Also I do not mind when you and others pick the idea and you do it on your own.

I like the idea mentioned in the subject so I wanted to share the idea. If no one picks it up now there is a good chance that this will become later a side project :wink:

Hope this works for you,