Looking for Hackers: Do regions of the world have a favorite color?

Team Name: Do regions of the world have a favorite color?

Outline of project & requirements from team members

I can’t form a team in this Hackathon, due to time limitations. But I like to share this idea and if a team likes to pick up I’d be glad to support you when it comes to data architecture / schema design. :slight_smile:

This is more a fun project but it might show interesting aspects of data mining.
The question is whether certain colors occur more frequently in certain languages / regions / cultures and whether a reliable correlation can be proven.
E.g. (completely personal opinion) I get the impression of “green” when I think of Ireland. The sources which point to a certain color might be of interest, too. Are these daily news messages, pictures, text or tourism infos, campaigns?

Team member skills required

some analytical skills + various

How many team members wanted


Time Zone (to facilitate collaboration)


Another great idea. Green is indeed associated with Ireland…but if you live here, it’s more “grey+overcast” :wink: