Looking for Hackers: Can news indicate a stock price change

Team Name: Can news indicate a stock price change

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I can’t form a team in this Hackathon, due to time limitations. But I like to share this idea and if a team likes to pick up I’d be glad to support you when it comes to data architecture / schema design. :slight_smile:

The question is whether a correlation can be found between news and the price of a digital currency.
In the simplest case, for example, the frequency of the mentioning of bitcoin and the bitcoin price.
Looking at the tone of the news there might be further indicators or grouping criteria.

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analytics + various

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A super idea @Michael - thanks for sharing! Hopefully someone will snap it up…

(and if it works, I want a share in the action!!)

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Hi @Michael and @Shane_McAllister ,
I really like the idea and I hope to work on it.


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