Longevity of MongoDB on ARMv8.2 in the future?


Is there any way to know how long ARMv8.2 will be supported by MongoDB?

I’m working on a device running on ARMv8.2 with a self-hosted MongoDB instance. We initially wanted to use an ARMv8 device, as that’s the mainstream for industrial ARM computers, but soon learned that ARMv8 is not supported by MongoDB.

Now the question looming over us is, if we chose to go with an ARMv8.2 solution, can we expect a reasonable longevity for our product, or will we soon find ourselves locked in running an outdated version of MongoDB, because ARMv8.2 is no longer supported.

This is especially important since ARMv8.2 industrial computers are just starting to appear and it is reasonable to expect that any following architectures will also be late to the industrial computer game and being stuck with an outdated version of MongoDB for 5+ years waiting for the industrial computers to catch up with MongoDB would be unfortunate to say the least.

Now to be clear, I have MongoDB 5.0.6 running on the ARMv8 device, but it’s this poorly documented repo, completely unsuitable for a commercial application.

The related issue that changes the minimum required version holds no explanation as to why ARMv8 is not supported. I could not find the ARMv8.2 requirement stated anywhere.