London MUG: MongoDB User Group x London Java Community x Temporal Meet-up

MUG London: MongoDB User Group x London Java Community x Temporal Meet-up

MongoDB User Group London is delighted to collaborate with the London Java Community and Temporal to bring you this meetup with insightful talks around Springboot, MongoDB, Durable Execution, and more!

Check out Temporal Summer Camp which offers developer activities around the world, throughout July. For more information visit: Temporal Summer Camp | July 2024

Join us for two informative talks, networking, and refreshments!


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  • 1800 – Arrivals
  • 1820 – Welcome
  • 1830 – Building Invincible Applications with Temporal
  • 1915 – Break for refreshments and networking
  • 1945 – MongoDB Sprout: Where Data Meets Spring
  • 2030 – Networking and departures


  • Speaker: Rob Holland, Technologist, Temporal Technologies
    Title: Building Invincible Applications with Temporal
    Building Invincible Applications is a journey through the challenges of creating code that people can trust, and the solutions that make it possible. Exploring our new reference application, the Order Management System, we’ll showcase how Temporal provides the tools you need to develop resilient and dependable software.
    Along the way, we’ll highlight features that enable us to focus on delivering business value, while eliminating concerns about scaling and complexity.

  • Speaker: Tim Kelly, Developer Advocate MongoDB
    Title: MongoDB Sprout: Where Data Meets Spring
    Excited about the power of MongoDB and its document model but not sure how to integrate it with your Spring applications? Meet Spring Data MongoDB! In this talk, you’ll explore concepts such as using MongoTemplate for data access, implementing object mapping with Spring Data MongoDB, leveraging data repositories for CRUD operations, and maximizing your data potential with the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline. Additionally, we’ll dive into the intricacies of multi-document transactions and demonstrate the implementation of client-side field-level encryption. At the end of all this, take home our MongoDB Sprout workshop, and complete it to win your own MongoDB swag!


Event Type: In-Person
Location: MongoDB UK, 240 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NW United Kingdom · London



Rob Holland

Rob Holland brings over two decades of multifaceted experience in networking, operating systems, cluster operations, security, and software engineering, spanning from agile startups to tech giants like Google. His journey through diverse technological landscapes has fostered a profound appreciation for simplicity and reliability in software systems. Passionate about sharing the wisdom garnered from his experiences, Rob is dedicated to advocating for durable execution as a cornerstone for building resilient, efficient systems.


Tim Kelly

As an Associate Developer Advocate at MongoDB, I specialize in leveraging my Java expertise to build scalable applications, with a particular focus on integrating MongoDB with Azure cloud services. My role involves not only developing solutions but also sharing insights with the developer community through various platforms. Passionate about continuous learning and innovation, I aim to demystify complex technologies and empower developers with practical knowledge.

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