Logging or Events for C# driver


I am not sure if there is any reason for removing logging in the latest c# driver.

Why do I see logging or events necessary:

  1. It will be good to monitor the status of my application if everything is working fine.
  2. If there are events I can categorize them into error levels and log them using log4net or similar libraries and later I can use logs for analysis.
  3. If logs are provided like queries generated and commands being executed, It will help to debug the application very easily.
  4. All client libraries that will maintain persistent connections have similar features, for example, MQTT, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, etc.

Are there any future plans to include event subscriptions for c# client driver?

With regards,
Nithin B.

Hi @Nithin_Bandaru, welcome!

Can you clarify which ‘latest’ version of the MongoDB .NET/C# driver that you’re referring to ? Also, could you provide a snippet code and version that is able to generate logs previously? So we could do side by side comparison between versions and pin-point the specific logs that you’re referring to.

Please see MongoDB ChangeStreams and Change Events.