LLM / AI on top of MongoDB with Atlas

Hi guys,

Has anyone tried to build an LLM, ChatGPT or similar, on top of MongoDB?
So its possible to “chat” with the database.

Hello Rasmus,

Here how you can do that

I would be interested in learning more about what you are exploring


Hi Prakul,

Awesome thanks a lot, good read :slight_smile:

Im my case I have been working with LangChain+MongoDB Atlas+GraphQL to use ChatGPT to write a GQL query and then execute to get an output.

The goal is to be able to ask “What is the avg. sales in August?” for structured data in MongoDB.

I have been testing with MDB with GQL, but my challenge is that I haven’t found a way/solution to add the auth for the API in LangChain. I have followed the guide in LangChain: GraphQL | 🦜️🔗 Langchain

I can send my script in a message for inspo and interest?

Solution for the auth in the header:

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