Likes for helpful topics and posts


The like button is a way to show your agreement, support, and interest in another user’s post.

To like a post:

The Like button has the following rules:

  • Likes are public, meaning they show up to the entire community.
  • When you like a post, your name is linked to the post, and other users can see your activity.
  • Your profile tracks all the posts that you have liked so that you can go back to the posts in the future.
  • The first like on a post sends an automatic notification to the post’s author.
  • You are unable to like your own post.
  • You can only like a post once.
  • You can unlike a post, which removes your association with the post.

Likes are an essential element to the MongoDB Community. They can change the rank of a post and are a quick and efficient way to return to posts that you enjoyed previously. Likes also keep threads clean of one-word posts that express support for a topic. Instead of showing support or interest by posting a short response, please use the like button instead.