libmongoc in android app

Looking to integrate libmongoc driver in android app. I didn’t find anywhere how to run the local server. is it possible to run local server in mongoDb c driver, or is it possible to run the client without running server.

Welcome to the community @sai_krishna_reddy_ko!

The MongoDB C driver (aka libmongoc ) is a client library for connecting to a remote MongoDB deployment, and does not include an embedded server or standalone library implementation.

The MongoDB server is not designed to be embedded as a library or used in resource-constrained environments.

However, I would recommend looking into Realm Database which is a mobile-first database implementation with optional cloud-based sync. We are currently working on the integration of Realm with MongoDB Stitch and Atlas for the upcoming MongoDB Realm beta.

Realm does not presently have a C SDK, but may be of interest if you are able to use Java, Kotlin, or .NET in your Android project.