Let's Play a Game! - MongoDB Scavenger Hunt #1

Let’s play a game!

Today we are happy to announce the first of a series of weekly online scavenger hunts from MongoDB. Answer a series of 10 clues by visiting MongoDB resources including our blog, forums, documentation and more and learn about these resources while earning some awesome rewards!

Each participant who completes a single scavenger hunt will earn:

  • A MongoDB sticker pack
  • The “Internet Detective” badge on the MongoDB Community forum

Each Monday we will post a new set of clues giving you the chance to earn additional badges and other rewards. A special reward will also be given to anyone who completes all the weekly scavenger hunts this spring and summer (more details to come).

Every scavenger hunt will run from Monday until 5pm US Eastern time on Friday.

Have an idea for a clue or question that should be included? Let us know!

Scavenger Hunt Week One


Hi @Ryan_Quinn this sounds like a great way to pass the time and learn more. I clicked on the link but got the following note from Google forms:

You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Learn More.

I thought it might be the browser I use (Brave) blocking something, but I get the same message in plain Chrome and Safari. :frowning:


Thanks for letting us know. Sorry about that! The form should now work as expected.


Thanks for the quick turnaround on this @Ryan_Quinn! I am indeed able to access the form now.


Just finished, It was really fun! Already waiting for the next one.


So I have found all the answers, however I cannot complete the address section as it will not take a postal code from Canada even though it ask for State/Province and mentions the phone number is required for addresses outside of the US.

Is this open in Canada? I would really like a sticker pack! Will I lose my opportunity this week since the forum does not accept postal codes?

I put the postal code in with the address field and left the Zipcode section blank. Please update this so that Canadians can participate :canada: :+1: :canada:


Same thing here from Montreal. I entered 11111 as the zipcode.


I should have used the classic 90201 like I did when I was 12 and signing up for hotmail. lol
Hoping to still get my sticker pack. Although Canada post has lost my last 2 packages due to the COVID policy changes with signatures…


Finished this one, waiting for the next one! It was fun :smiley:


Agreed! Great idea MongoDB!


@Natac13 @steevej - I’m sorry you ran into trouble with the form. Can you share a bit more detail so we can look into this? The form as configured should not have a “zip code” field and features a field labeled “postal code” which is not required and has no validation set up. The form does require name, address, city, country and email.


Yep sorry @Ryan_Quinn you are right, it does say Postal Code. However the error message says Must be a number
Here is a screen shot

I was able to complete the form without anything in the Postal Code field. I just move the right postal code to the address field. Hopefully I can still get the sticker pack! :crossed_fingers:


Also I am curious if this line has wrong date on the form

This scavenger hunt will end on April 10, 2020 at 5pm US Eastern Time.

Seeing that this was posted Monday April 13, 2020


@Natac13 - That shouldn’t be a problem for shipping and I’ll make a note to correct for this when we process the results. This issue should also now be corrected. It appears that the field had required turned off and a validation entry that had been cleared but still specified “number”. That’s been removed. Thanks again for the feedback and for helping make this fun rather than frustrating :grinning:


No problem @Ryan_Quinn. Glad to help when I can.


Thanks to everyone who participated! Check back Monday for next week’s all new scavenger hunt :smile:


Congrats to all those who earned their Internet Detective badges this week!


Hey, I completed the hunt too (I sure got to the stage where I entered the postal code). How is that I didn’t earn the badge? Is it for a few “chosen” ones?

After filling those details at the end it would have given you Thanks message and badge will be shipped to your address

Hi Prasad,

Badges are awarded to everyone who completed the scavenger hunt and provided their user name in the form. That said, it’s a manual load process right now and it’s possible that I or the uploader made a mistake. Let me look into it. Thanks for letting me know!