Legacy Realm Cloud Extension


can you extend live of my realm cloud legacy instance?
I’m developing porting to MongoDB my app.

user: itis.team@healthwareinternational.com
instance: https://braccoppp.de1a.cloud.realm.io



I have the same issue here and I tried to email @Marco_Bonezzi as described here : How to extend for Realm Legacy? - #2 by Drew_DiPalma

I want to make sure this is still the right way to get that extension because I can’t be ready for next monday.
The instance is : medica.de1a.cloud.realm.io

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @Roberto_Ascione and @Maxime_Britto,

The expected process for legacy Realm Cloud extension was provided by email notification to affected customer accounts and has been linked in web site locations including the Realm Cloud login for more than 6 months.

The gist is that you were meant to have submitted a request for an extension prior to September 1st, either by submitting the Realm Cloud Legacy Migration form or creating a support case. Extensions are up to 3 months from the Nov 1 EOL date.

We will let the support team know about requests in the community forums, but this channel is not as direct (or private) as contacting the support team directly. I would try to minimise any delay given there are only a few days before the EOL date for any instances that do not have approved extensions.

The Realm Legacy Migration Guide may also help with migration questions.


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Thank you very much @Stennie for your detailed answer and guidance.
I’m definitely aware that I should have finished that migration sooner and I’ll make sure this extension time will be dedicated to that task.
I’m going to create case today and hopefully this will help make sure someone handles this before monday.


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