Lecture: MongoDB Documents: Geospatial Data

Just an observation in case anyone else has this issue. The the lesson entitled: " Lecture: MongoDB Documents: Geospatial Data" we are to look for the map within the 100 year weather data scheme view. When I first did so, the map didn’t show. I scrolled down the lesson and saw notes relating to setting privacy settings differently. When I went to implement those notes, I clicked “FULL SCREEN” on compass and viola! Without having to follow the privacy setting instructions the map was there–apparently it doesn’t show if you have it minimized along side the course browser window to view and follow the course and compass simultaneously.

Hi @E_82887,

Thanks for sharing this with the community. Can you please share the version of Compass that you are using and also would it possible for you to reproduce this error as this was not an expected behaviour ?

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer