Lebanon MUG: Toward a smooth migration from RDBMS to MongoDB

Toward a smooth migration from RDBMS to MongoDB

The MongoDB User Group in Lebanon is pleased to invite you to it’s third workshop in 2023. Let’s connect, to discover and learn more about MongoDB and how to migrate from the RDBMS world in a smooth way, by following all the best practices.

The workshop will cover:

  • Schema design, moving from relational tables to flexible and dynamic BSON documents
  • Data integrity, and how MongoDB enforces ACID compliance, data durability and strong consistency
  • Query model & data analysis in MongoDB
  • Data Migration, including scripts and parallel operations
  • Operational Considerations, like scaling, HA, monitoring, security and backup


Time Topic
19:00 PM - 20:00 PM Discussing the mentioned topics
20:00 PM - 20:10 PM Quiz time
20:10 PM - 20:30 PM Wrap up / Q & A


Event Type: Online
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Elie Hannouch

Backend & System Engineer | Blockchain engineer | Project Manager | Mentor | Community builder