LEBANON MUG: The MongoDB Architect: Design and Build Your Own ODM

The MongoDB Architect: Design and Build Your Own ODM

Hello #Tech Community :green_heart:,
I’m thrilled to share our upcoming weekly community course starting next Wednesday 26 July 2023: “The MongoDB Architect: Design and Build Your Own ODM”. This course is intended for developers, software architects, and anyone who’s fascinated by the challenges of system architecture and wants to delve deeper into the complexities of designing an Object-Document Mapper (#ODM) for MongoDB :four_leaf_clover:.

Here’s a brief overview of the technical aspects we’ll cover in the next 8 weeks :star_struck::rocket::

  • Model Definition and Instantiation: Understand how to define the schema for collections in MongoDB and how these models get instantiated in your application.

  • Connection Management: Learn about connection pooling, connection retries, handling connection losses, and other considerations for robust and scalable MongoDB connections.

  • Middleware and Hooks: Design middleware functions to be triggered before or after specific operations, adding extra layers of logic and control to your ODM.

  • Transactions: Dive into MongoDB transactions and learn how to implement the necessary support in your ODM.

  • Query API Design: Design an intuitive API for querying MongoDB. Understand how to abstract away the complexities of raw MongoDB queries while providing powerful functionalities.

  • Validation: Implement robust validation systems to ensure document data complies with predefined schemas before saving to MongoDB.

  • Performance Considerations: Explore different optimization strategies, including indexing, query optimization, and efficient use of MongoDB’s aggregation framework.

  • Error Handling and Debugging: Learn to design a comprehensive error handling system and include debugging support for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

And more amazing technical aspects …

  • Date & Time : Weekly Session (8 weeks), each Wednesday @7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (GMT+3)
  • Starting Wed 26 July 2023

Seats are limited !! :fire::star_struck:
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:link: The MongoDB Architect: Design and Build Your Own ODM · Zoom · Luma

Speaker & Host

  • Elie Hannouch
  • MongoDB Champion | Founder | CTO | Senior Software Engineer