Lebanon MUG: IO Extended conference highlights

Community Comes First :fist::four_leaf_clover:

Inspired by this quote, I’m happy to share with you dearest community, our last successful on-site conference highlights. :rocket::partying_face:. IO extended, the collaboration between MUG Lebanon and the Google Developer Groups. It was a funny :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and informative day, where we got the chance to meet our loyal audience :blush: after a long pandemic period.

With more than 150+ attendee, onsite alongside the online attendees on Google Meet. We discussed the latest tech trends in the market.
Starting with me @eliehannouch 🫣, making a deep dive in mongoDB :four_leaf_clover:, starting from the mongoDB user groups, to any other program like the mongoDB university :school: , the champions :man_superhero::woman_superhero: program … wrapping up with a technical :desktop_computer: tour on MongoDB Atlas deployed on Google Cloud :fire::cloud:. Moving with our experienced speakers to a panel discussion to discover the daily tasks of the CTO :man_technologist: role. Exploring also some amazing technologies like Flutter, Angular and other in demand stacks, and of course a tour on the Google Ecosystem programs with @abedattal :star_struck:

For me the best talk was, for our Women Techmakers Ambassador @Darine_Tleiss :heart::muscle:, everyone in the room was impressed with her talk, about the community, the equality in tech, pushing her fellows to start this journey, giving them all the support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and of course sharing her experience in the UI UX domain with us.

A long and funny day like this need also a delicious lunch break :pizza::cup_with_straw:, some competitions including a MongoDB quiz where more than 70 attendee participated. And the winners are waiting their gifts now :hugs::trophy:.

At the end, I would like to thanks, our organizers in MUG & GDG, our partners, speakers, for making our day a special and successful one :boom::heart:.

Now let me share with you some sneak peeks from the event day :sunrise_over_mountains: :camera_flash:

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Stay tuned. A lot of amazing worldwide workshops are coming. Our mission is defined, helping any tech enthusiast starting their journeys in a smooth and productive way :rocket::fist:.