Lebanon MUG: International Women's Day 2022

About the event

The MongoDB User Group in Lebanon is pleased to invite you to celebrate the IWD Lebanon ,
in a collaborative event between MUG, GDG and the Women Tech makers team in Lebanon

This year our theme celebrates all kinds of progress - big or small - and the strength we demonstrate when we don’t let fear hold us back from following our dreams.

So often we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards and feel disappointed when we can’t reach them - or worse, we don’t even try. When we let the idea of being perfect go, we allow ourselves the space and freedom to try new things, to make mistakes and to learn. We see that all of our experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly - have made us who we are today. Instead of striving for perfection, we can strive for growth and discovery. Instead of being fixated on the destination, we enjoy the journey, wherever it takes us.

Our paths aren’t always linear, and we may come across seemingly impossible challenges, but when we celebrate #ProgressNotPerfection, we are celebrating all we’ve accomplished - big and small - and our inner strength and resilience that allowed us to get here.

Agenda - Day 1

Time Topic
17:00 PM - 17:20 PM Welcome to IWD
17:20 PM - 18:00 PM Shifting Careers: from Full Stack to Product Owner
18:00 PM - 18:40 PM Economic Empowerment of Women and its Influence on Social Impact
18:40 PM - 19:00 PM Women in STEM
19:00 PM - 20:00 PM Foundation of Thought Leadership: Reframing Your Narrative
20:00 PM - 21:30 PM I am remarkable

Agenda - Day 2

Time Topic
17:00 PM - 17:20 PM Welcome to IWD
17:20 PM - 18:00 PM Tokenization
18:00 PM - 18:30 PM Software Quality Assurance
18:30 PM - 19:10 PM A tour of MongoDB
19:10 PM - 20:00 PM Introduction to Angular
20:00 PM - 21:30 PM Intro to TensorFlow and AI Design

When ?


Where ?

Online - Google Meet
Video Conferencing URL


Alaa El Hariri

Software Engineer - DataCamp

Elie Hannouch

Backend & System Engineer | MUG Leader | GDG Organizer | GDSC Founder

Rawan Yaghi

Founder and Director - USPEaK

Zena Kamel

GDSC Lead - Lebanese American University

Yasmine Noueihed

GDG Organizer

Layale Matta

Android Engineer - Neo Technologies

Sara Zeaiter

Full Stack Developer - Condo Group

Jana Khanji

Front End Developer - Turning

Nisrine Abou Ghannam

Quality Assurance Engineer - QALarious

Zaynab Atwi

Founder - The Female Power

Mirna Itani

Product Owner - BSynchro

Alya Itani

Lead Data Scientist - Orange

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