Lazy loading/Pagination


Will this cause lazy load to fail?

const sortedTasks = realmRef?.objects('Task').sorted('@id');

And then using tasks inside a flat list. Will this cause all to be rendered?
And i read in other SDK’s that there is a limit function.

Because we need to render data based on user input.


Does anyone have a update on this?

sortedTasks will be a lazily loaded results object. Why not use that directly?

Hello i already stated this in my github thread but.

  const realmRef = useRealm();
    const tasks = realmRef.objects('Task');

return (
                            keyExtractor={(item) =>}

Even when doing this. Its still laggy. With 1200 taks this is so laggy. 400mb ram usage, 30 fps on scroll. And initial it console.log all.
Instead of loggin “ön lazy load”