Launching Leaderboards

G’Day Everyone,

Thank you so much for being part of our MongoDB Community. We appreciate your contributions to everything you do to make this community awesome. :star_struck:

To applaud your efforts and to recognize your contributions, we are launching leaderboards to allow you to establish yourself as a helpful expert and showcase your expertise to the community. :trophy:

Depending on your action in the forum, you are assigned a certain amount of points that make up your ‘cheer score’. Those accumulated points are used to populate the leaderboard.

The leaderboards are based on your trust level scoring. There are 3 different Trust level awarded to you based on your activity in the forums. You are awarded badges as you level up in the Trust Levels and as so you do in the leaderboard.


This badge is granted when you reach Trust Level 1. Thanks for sticking around and reading the topics.


This badge is granted when you reach Trust Level 2. As a sapling in the MongoDB community, you are spreading your roots with a growing commitment to helping the community thrive.


This badge is granted when you reach Trust Level 3. As an elder, you’ve established your place in the grove of our community.

You can compete and gain access to different leaderboards as you level up your trust level by reading more posts, engaging with the community, and gaining more experience with MongoDB offerings.

You can find out your current Trust Level in your Profile Settings.

Sprout Leaderboard

This leaderboard acknowledges our newest members with Trust Level 0 and 1. As you interact more with others on topics and posts, you gain points and increase your score. When you level up in your Trust Level, you move on to the next level and join the Sapling Leaderboard. If you are looking to level up you can watch the respective university courses that suit your interest.

Sapling Leaderboard

This is where most of our community falls in. You level up in your leaderboard by leveling up in your Trust Level i.e., by providing solutions, interacting with others on forum topics, and recommending best practices.

Elders Leaderboard

This is the topmost leaderboard for developers who have interacted and shared the most MongoDB knowledge with other developers in the forum. You become part of this leaderboard as you level up your Trust Level. The members of this board receive additional perks and benefits based on their interests.

Our top contributors will get a shout-out in our developer community newsletter every month.

Start Contributing

The leaderboards are a playful way to support each other and level up in the rankings. Each type of contribution in the following 4 categories is awarded different points based on their impact.

  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Working with Data
  • Ops and Admin
  • MongoDB Atlas App Services & Realm
Cheer Point Actions Value
Like received score value 5
Like given score value 3
Solution score value 50
Post read score value 1
Topic created score value 5
Day visited score value 1

Points are automatically updated every 5 minutes, and scores are regularly re-calculated. The leaderboard is a great way to challenge yourself to contribute even more and level up your skills on MongoDB. If you have any ideas, for additional contributions, please let us know.

Happy Contributing!

Cheers, :tada: