Laravel MongoDB 4.0.0 Released : Eloquent integration for Laravel 10

The MongoDB PHP team is happy to announce that version 4.0.0 of the MongoDB integration for Laravel 10 is now available.

Release Highlights

  • Rename package to mongodb/laravel-mongodb
  • Change namespace to MongoDB\Laravel
  • Add classes to cast ObjectId and UUID instances 5105553 by @alcaeus.
  • Add Query\Builder::toMql() to simplify comprehensive query tests ae3e0d5 by @GromNaN.
  • Fix Query\Builder::whereNot to use MongoDB $nor operator e045fab by @GromNaN.
  • Fix Query\Builder::whereBetween to accept Carbon\Period object f729baa by @GromNaN.
  • Throw an exception for unsupported Query\Builder methods e1a83f4 by @GromNaN.
  • Throw an exception when Query\Builder::orderBy() is used with invalid direction edd0871 by @GromNaN.
  • Throw an exception when Query\Builder::push() is used incorrectly 19cf7a2 by @GromNaN.
  • Remove public property Query\Builder::$paginating e045fab by @GromNaN.
  • Remove call to deprecated Collection::count for countDocuments 4514964 by @GromNaN.
  • Accept operators prefixed by $ in Query\Builder::orWhere 0fb83af by @GromNaN.
  • Remove Query\Builder::whereAll($column, $values). Use Query\Builder::where($column, 'all', $values) instead. 1d74dc3 by @GromNaN.
  • Fix validation of unique values when the validated value is found as part of an existing value. d5f1bb9 by @GromNaN.
  • Support % and _ in like expression ea89e86 by @GromNaN.
  • Change signature of Query\Builder::__constructor to match the parent class #2570 by @GromNaN.
  • Fix Query on whereDate, whereDay, whereMonth, whereYear, whereTime to use MongoDB operators #2376 by @Davpyu and @GromNaN.
  • Model::unset() does not persist the change. Call Model::save() to persist the change #2578 by @GromNaN.
  • Support delete one document with Query\Builder::limit(1)->delete() #2591 by @GromNaN
  • Add trait MongoDB\Laravel\Eloquent\MassPrunable to replace the Eloquent trait on MongoDB models #2598 by @GromNaN


Documentation for this library may be found in the Readme.


This library may be installed or upgraded with:

composer require mongodb/laravel-mongodb:^4.0.0

Installation instructions for the mongodb extension may be found in the documentation.


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