Lack of progress of the VSC extension



So I was wondering what’s happening with the VSC extension, since it seems to be very much in hiatus at the moment, with very little of any major progress being made, beyond minor bug fixes.

It’s good at the moment, it could be great.


PS - Any chance of integrating into the environment used for Mongodb university courses?

Hi @NeilM. Admittedly, in the last few months, we had to prioritize other work to improve the quality and user experience of the overall portfolio of tools our team owns.

This does not mean that we have forgotten about our VS Code extension. We keep track of all the feedback and feature requests the community is sharing with us and we are working internally with other teams to make some of these possible. As soon as we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we’ll be able to release bigger improvements and new features.

What is the one big thing that you think is clearly missing to make the extension great?

I don’t want to speak for the University team and I will definitely share your question with them. One thing I can say about is that we looked at making our extension work there but at the moment it does not sound possible: is a progressive web app and the extension needs Node.js and sockets to be able to use our driver and connect to MongoDB. We might look for ways around at some point but not for right now.

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Hello @Massimiliano_Marcon

  1. Better intelligence when building a command within the playground, within the JSON objects.

    Currently beyond, just putting in a $lookup, $match etc, it really doesn’t seem to do much beyond that, the extension doesn’t have a lot awareness of where it is, what should be available, $gt, $expr, table/field names.

    I am hoping that improvements in the underlying shell, will allow a more dynamic integration into the playground. Since I assuming that is what is doing the heavy lifting.

  2. Thanks for flagging the issues with It would be shame, since doing the university courses in a shell (excluding the DBA ones of course), could be a bit of a pain point for new starters.

    If making the extension work online, comes at the expense of better integration at the desktop level, then I have so say put the desktop VSC first :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back so promptly.