Lab: Create and Deploy Atlas Cluster - Create an Organization

Hi I’m unable to locate a big green button as displayed in the image of the lab, “Create an Organization”. There’s an " Organization Access" under the “Access Manager” tab that I selected and I see an Organization that I must’ve created some time ago. Am I in the right place? If so, is there anyway for me to delete this Organization or rename as “MDBU” and then make sure that my cloud service is “Atlas”?

Please post a screenshot of what you are doing that illustrate the issues you are having.

Hi, this is the part I’m up to in the lab. It says click on Create an Org.

When I log in I’m not seeing that option. I do see a tab named “Organization Access” and under that “Organization Access”.


I’m wondering if I’ve already created an Org in the past? If so, am I able to rename this one somehow to “MDBU”? If not, what are my options?


I do not think the name of the organization is important for the lab. Mine is named PERSONNAL and I have no issue so far.

Thanks. I really appreciate it. :grinning:. I wasn’t sure how the naming of the Org would or could impact a later lesson.

Hi @Monique_Bennett-Lowe,

If you face any issue in the later lessons then let us know and we will look into it.