Lab authentication - browser issue

When launch the “lab” for self paced training. i.e. instruqt app
The following error message is occuring:

root@mongodb:~$ atlas auth login

To verify your account, copy your one-time verification code:

Paste the code in the browser when prompted to activate your Atlas CLI. Your code will expire after 10 minutes.

To continue, go to Cloud: MongoDB Cloud
There was an issue opening your browser

This error occurs both in Chrome and Edge.
I am unable to continue.

Hi @Cash_Myers,

The “there was an issue opening your browser” message is expected. It’s a lab environment running in a container so it cannot open a browser tab.

Simply proceed with the authentication to Atlas as instructed, i.e, copy the verification code, click on the link and authenticate. Then return to the lab and click on Check.


Davenson Lombard