Lab 1.7: Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

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Could you help me out with this one ?
How many shipwrecks lay off the coast of Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico? Choose the answer that best describes the number of shipwrecks you are able to find using Compass.
As i amnot able to find the following mentioned Coast of Cancun/ Isla Mujeres , Mexico , hence i am not able to find the result . If anyone of you are aware of this please help me out.

You have to Zoom in and search for coasts in Mexico.

Hint: Search for YUCATAN and see their coasts after zooming in. I hope you find it!


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Use google maps to find Cancun, in Mexico, then move to that part of the world in Compass and create a search radius.

Because the number of choices are in bands, and the data set is structured so that unless you have a massive radius, your choice should be straight forward.

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You can locate the ISLE MUJERES in google and use the location you can drag the map in the MongoDB Compass

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i am not able to select the island in compass. Any suggestion on how to drag and select location?

Hold Shift and drag with the mouse. The starting point of the drag will be the center of selected circle.

Another option from those listed: you can use something like Wikipedia to get the coordinates. The East, West coordinates go first. If it is East it will be positive and West will be negative. Also, North is positive and South is negative. So from Wikipedia, you can see that you would get the value in degrees, feet, inches. You need to combine these to one number. THey give North/South first so you would need to put East/West first. Lastly, since the East/West value is West, you need to make that value negative. So:
21°09′38″N 86°50′51″W
-86.5051, 21.0938
Kind of convoluted but useful for locations you are not familiar or using coordinates from some other source like Wikipedia or GPS Geolocation tool.

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DO we have to search around only the island or the area covering both the island and CANCUN …please advise

I believe area around CANCUN will work for the Lab.


I failed in this Scavenger Hunt Test and the Lab completion due date (15 Jan) has also passed?
What would be its impact on my final grades ?

I am afraid yes, but won’t impact much if you get to pass in every other Lab :slight_smile:

Good luck with the rest of the course.


I have coordinates of place specified in degrees, In what format options are present?

the easiest thing to do is to find this location in google map, then zoom in the compass map to find the spot.