Lab 1.2: Determine the Value Type, Part 1

I’m doing the course M001: MongoDB Basics and when I get to Lab 1.5: Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 all the alternatives are inhibited and I have no way to respond.
Could you help me activate the alternatives?


Your due date for this lab is over.That’s why they are in grayed out(disabled state)
I don’t think it is possible

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Hi @Milton_70234,

The end date to complete the labs for Chapter 1: Introduction, M001: MongoDB Basics was Apr 9, 17:00 UTC. Please abide by the due dates to submit all the labs of the chapters and the final exam questions, as you cannot submit the answers after the due dates have passed.

Please make sure, you complete the assignments for the further chapters before the due date to complete your course. You can also refer to Chapter 1: Introduction, Lecture: Grading and Logistics for more details.