Kerberos Authentication using MongoDB Java Driver

I am currently working on the Kerberos Authentication using Mongo Java driver.

To successfully authenticate via Kerberos using Mongo Java driver, the connector typically must specify several system properties like: (gss-jaas.conf)

so that the underlying GSSAPI Java libraries can acquire a Kerberos ticket as Mongo Java driver also handles the authentication through JAAS and the Java GSS-API.

But in my Client’s run-time environment, it is a problem because the SecurityManager will prevent the execution of privileged actions and the access to classes stored within many of the package making it unsuitable for multi-tenant environment.

So I am asked to modify the Mongo Java driver code in order to keep away from using JAAS and the Java GSS-API. But my concern is , if I will go ahead and modify the code of Java driver, I might run into some more issues. Kindly advice if tweaking the java driver code is advisable here ?