Kafka Connect & truncatedArray help

I’ve been using the source connector to bring data from Mongo into Redpanda, but when I try to sink it back using the Mongo CDC handler I’m seeing errors like this:

Warning unexpected field(s) in updateDescription [truncatedArrays]. {"updatedFields": {"updated_at": {"$date": "2023-12-21T18:11:28.164Z"}, "amount": 28800000, "amount_in_dollars": 28800000, "currency": "USD", "date": {"$date": "2014-01-01T00:00:00Z"}, "investor_names": [], "organization_id": {"$oid": "63a048efca837a00fb40f6be"}, "type_cd": 12}, "removedFields": [], "truncatedArrays": []}. Cannot process due to risk of data loss.

Is this an issue with the data produced by the source connector, or is it a problem with the sink connectors ability to process data generated by the source? Or something else entirely?