Kafka Connect Sink with Debezium Handler + Post Processor

Hi all, I’m almost crying xD
I tried tu use this config https://docs.mongodb.com/kafka-connector/v1.2/kafka-sink-cdc/ with a post processor but… when I add “change.data.capture.handler”: “com.mongodb.kafka.connect.sink.cdc.debezium.mongodb.MongoDbHandler” my post processor block stops to work.

Example, if I not put change.data.capture.handler and add post processor to block a field op from Debezium, the connector not write at mongo de op field (just for testing). But when I add change.data.capture.handler with post processor to block the field of my entity, nohting happens.

Any idea?

I got the same problem. Anyone can help please?

Are there any errors or warnings in the kafka connect log?

Can you try using the postgres handler instead of the MongoDBHandler?

“change.data.capture.handler”: “com.mongodb.kafka.connect.sink.cdc.debezium.rdbms.postgres.PostgresHandler”