Json data types

Json.org does not mention float9ng number

I think float types are included in number spec, ¿why do you think floating number doesn’t match into the pattern of number?

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same course on edx.org. whats right???

Hows about date format, in json file i can see date fields too!!!

No, JSON does not support date data type. In MongoDB, we have extended JSON which includes everything from BSON.




maybe what you saw is time format in citibike - trips

By the way if you visit www.json.org
and read in details, it mentions what number type means in details
You will find under number:
int frac exp

check the screenshot it shows what int frac exp mean

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so date need to be stored as string data type only ?

If we are storing the date as string , can we filter them like on months, between dates etc…

thanks for the answer, now i know why mongodb has datatype date