Join our expert on our Mini Workshop on how to scale your product with MongoDB

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About this event

Get your laptop ready and join expert for an afternoon mini workshop on how to scale your product in MongoDB Technology. You will get to learn vertical vs horizonal Scaling, Sharding vs Replica sets for MongoDB, filled with fun and learning.

Best of all, you’ll see how easy it can be to be truly portable and how to make it easy for developers to build industry leading modern apps on mobile devices and the web using MongoDB (NoSQL database).

Who would benefit: All sectors of the modern App development and publishing communities.

You won’t want to miss this – we guarantee great conversation, helpful tips and tricks, network and cheat sheets.

Opportunities available on MongoDB Technology, We will have wine, juice and great conversations!

Requirements for attendees:

We will limit our attendees for now NB: Those who have RSVP’d on MongoDB Warri, Nigeria | Gather with other MongoDB users locally and globally, either virtually or in-person. will be prioritized.

Provide your own mask and have it throughout at the venue (Mandatory)

The temperature will be scanned before admission.

Social distance will be observed (1 meter apart) throughout the event

See you there!


Samuel Otomewo

Samuel Otomewo

Yolobytes, Software Developer