Java Driver - Get the Action AND Returned Document - Upsert Document

Hi there how do I do the following in one call:

  1. update “updated_at” field if the document exists based on query
  2. insert a POJO if the document does NOT exist based on query
  3. return the action performed, insert vs update
  4. return the document created/updated

Thanks a bunch

This is what I currently have

    public Match createMatchIffNotExist2(Match m) {
        //this upsert is needed because we need to create a new match if there isn't an active match between the users
        FindOneAndUpdateOptions options = new FindOneAndUpdateOptions().upsert(true).returnDocument(AFTER);
        Bson andFilter = and(
            eq(CommonStrings.MATCH_ORDER_0_USR_ID_FIELD, m.getOrder0UserId()),
            eq(CommonStrings.MATCH_ORDER_1_USR_ID_FIELD, m.getOrder1UserId()),
            eq(CommonStrings.MATCH_IS_ACTIVE_FIELD, m.getIsActive())

        List<Bson> updates = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList(
            Updates.set(UPDATED_AT_FIELD, CommonUtils.getNowBson()),
            Updates.setOnInsert(MATCH_IS_ACTIVE_FIELD, m.getIsActive()),
            Updates.setOnInsert(MATCH_FIELD_1, m.getMatchField1()),
            Updates.setOnInsert(MATCH_FIELD_2, m.getMatchField2()),
        return matchCollection.findOneAndUpdate(andFilter, updates ,options);

My questions are:

  • could I do everything in 1 call?
  • how I could get #3 mentioned above?
  • How do I turn Match to into Bson object where if I add attribute to Match object, I dont have to keep adding on setOnInsert statement