Jason_Nutt is looking for a project!

Experience Outline

I am a humble frontend web developer bootcamp grad with 2 years of non work experience. I have studied and built small projects websites and learning apps with React, Next.js and MongoDB Atlas, Realm and have been enrolled in MongoDB university for a while and have completed the M001 and Also the intro to charts & a few other basic courses. I would really love an opportunity to see where my capabilities & || ideas can be of use in this hackathon…it will be the first I have attempted.

Coding skills

Like I mentioned, I have built things with and studied Next.js framework, React and MongoDB. But am kind of inexperienced in the real world of things. Mainly self taught through bootcamp & other similar learning platforms. So, obviously Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 as well.

Hacking Hours

7 to 9pm Eastern US


This is great Jason - many thanks for posting your experience. React & Next.js are super versatile and I’d imaging these skills will be in demand with some of the projects, so I hope people take you up on your willingness to help. Your Atlas & Realm experience will be crucial too

We’re glad to have you here for your first ever Hackathon!! Welcome!