Issues with installing the mongo shell on linux

I’m stuck at procedure number 5 please help me out.

What problem do you face?

sudo nano /etc/paths

what im i supposed to edit and how to add it after running that command

Could you provide a link to the instructions you are following? I do not remember having to edit /etc/paths.

im using linux

The course must have changed because I do not have a chapter 0 in my version of the course. Hopefully somebody that have access to the same version of the course can help you.

You have to update your PATH with mongodb
Please check this link which gives some screenshots on how to do it and type of errors you get

Dropping and Retaking the Course

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@Proffin_72505, by reading @Ramachandra_37567, I found out that these instructions are not for Linux but for Mac.

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Hi all,

Yes, we have recently upgraded this course to reflect some of the changes that has taken place since the time of the recording of the video.

@Proffin_72505 sudo nano /etc/paths command will open the paths file in your terminal. You have to add the path of the bin directory (as mentioned in the lecture) in this file so that you can use some of the MongoDB based commands form any directory.

If you are still having any issue then please share a screenshot of the work that you have done so far.

~ Shubham

Hi Shubham I’ve added the path of the bin directory in /etc/paths, but instead of getting expected output, I’m getting like this
Command ‘mongo’ not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install mongodb-clients
I’m sure something went wrong but I can’t figured it out. So can you please help me in that?

Please provide the output of

cat /etc/paths

Also try to logout and login. The setup might only be accessible to new shells.

Hi @Milan_44499,

In addition to @steevej-1495,

Please share the output of this command :

echo $PATH

~ Shubham

@Shubham_Ranjan, here’s the output of echo $PATH

And @steevej-1495, I’m sorry but I didn’t get you exactly.

Hi @Milan_44499,

I don’t see any entry for MongoDB.

Please go back to this lecture and follow the instructions mentioned here : Chapter 0 : Installing the mongo Shell (OSX / Linux).

~ Shubham

@Shubham_Ranjan, after your reply I’ve set the path and found the entry for MongoDB, but not getting expected output. And you can find an attachment of screen shot of echo $PATH

Output of

ls -l PathToMongoDbFromYourScreenshot

This is not the output of PathToMongoDbFromYourScreenshot. In your screenshot the path ends with usr/bin

Hi @Milan_44499,

What’s the output of ls -l /home/milan/mongodb-org-server_4.2.5_amd64/data/usr/bin ?

~ Shubham