Issues creating MongoDB service on Ubunttu server


I have installed MongoDB on Ubunttu 20.04 using tgz file. Unfortunately, I am unable to start the MongoDB service (which I have created) and do we need to create a mongodb user manually? Can somebody kind me through?

No need to create mongodb user
What error are you getting when you start the service?

Hi Ramachandra,

Just that the service is always inactive(dead) with no error.

What does service status show?
There should be some error or message in your mongod.log or syslog

No I dont see the error msg from mongod.log. Just that the service doesnt run , it becomes inactive.
Do you have any format for the service creation and also do we have to set the environment variables?

Check this thread.You may get sample service file for Ubuntu also from GitHub

I tried to follow most of the steps. Except that I use another user instead of mongodb.
Unfortunately my service always starts and becomes dead (inactive) with no error msg.
Trying to check permission n everything. Could not find anything abnormal

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