Issues configuring Sign in with Apple


I’m having a difficult time getting sign with apple to work with Realm. I followed the guide but I guess I’m still a bit confused:

  • Why do I need a serviceID if my app is only running on iPhone? Is that required if I have a website?
  • Same question applies to universal links. When I fetch the identityToken from the apple server, I can just make a call to and wait for a response? Why would I need my own backend and a universal link?

My main issue with the guide is that upon generating a jwt per step 4 of the guide (, I create a secret in Realm under values but it’s complaining about the length of the secret value: clientSecret length should be less than or equal to 500

Any help would be appreciate.

Hi @Trunks99

Have many characters is the script generating? I remember an issue where there was a garbage character at the end and I just had to delete those characters and it worked.

Hi @Lee_Maguire1 ,

Thqnks for the prompt response.

  • When I create a serviceID, it’s asking me for a domain. That is what confuses me – why would I need a backend myself?

  • I will take a look.

The script is generating over 2900 characters which seems excessive:
2961 client_secret.txt