Issue with @Transactional annotation across multiple MongoDB repositories in Spring Data MongoDB

Dear MongoDB Community,

I’m encountering an issue with transaction management in a Spring Data MongoDB application when using the @Transactional annotation across multiple MongoDB repositories.

Problem Statement:

In my Spring Data MongoDB application, I have multiple MongoDB repositories (RepoA and RepoB) handling different entities (EntityA and EntityB). These entities are mapped to MongoDB documents.

Example Scenario:

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public class MyService {

    private RepoA repoA;

    private RepoB repoB;

    public void saveEntities() {
        EntityA entityA = new EntityA();
        EntityB entityB = new EntityB();; // This saves successfully -> should not get saved until transaction completes ideally; // This should be part of the same transaction, but it's not working

Issue Details:

Despite using @Transactional, the saves across multiple repositories (repoA and repoB) do not behave as expected. If one of the save operations initiated, it should get saved after the block completes

Expected Behavior:

I expect both save operations to be part of the same transaction, ensuring atomicity across multiple repositories. If any save operation fails, the entire transaction should be rolled back.


Request for Assistance:

Could you please provide guidance on how to properly configure transaction management for MongoDB repositories in a Spring Data MongoDB application? Are there any specific considerations or best practices to ensure transactions work seamlessly across multiple repositories?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

also FYI
if i am using @transactionl for a single collection multiple save it is working as expected.
but finding iussues with multi document save alone

config added:

class MongoConfig(private val dbFactory: MongoDatabaseFactory) {

fun transactionManagerMongo(): MongoTransactionManager {
    return MongoTransactionManager(dbFactory)


What I do is use the MongoTemplate associated with the Repository

    private MongoTemplate template;

    EntityA entityA = new EntityA();
    EntityB entityB = new EntityB();
      // This is saved from YOUR perspective only, Isolaetd from others;