Issue with DSN configuration for BI


I am trying to setup up MongoDB Atlas with Power Bi. However, I am not able to create a DSN. I have followed the instructions at -

  1. Installed BI Connector (unsure if it is required even if I am trying to connect to Atlas)
  2. Installed the suggested VC++ Redistributable.
  3. Installed the MongoDB ODBC driver for BI connector.
  4. Open the Microsoft ODBC data sources program (64-bit) and navigate to system DSN.
  5. Entered details as suggested. I am using the hostname, port and user as shown in the “Connect to you business intelligence tool” option in MongoDB Atlas.

After adding the password and the name of database that I am trying to connect to, I click test only to see the message:
Connection Failed
[MongoDB][ODBC 1.0(w) Driver] SSL connection error: protocol version mismatch.

The database user I am trying to connect with has password based access (that works fine else where, eg. with NodeJS driver). I have added in the network access section to enable access from anywhere. Any clues on how to resolve this will be highly appreciated.


Updating to MongoDB ODBC Driver version 1.4.0 fixed this.

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