Issue related to practice question

Hey Team,
I was taking practicing the exam and I found this question bit trick. I noticed option D has syntax error at the end (attached screenshot) while also had same options for B & C ( I cannot see any difference, excuse if I am missing something) so select one of them. The result summary caught me by surprise.

Can you please clarify if I am missing something and if not could please fix it so that it helps next folks who may take this free practice questionnaire. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no difference between the 2 documents.

But when you try to insert the document with _id:5 from C, _id:5 already exists in the collection because it was added with B.

Okay, I misunderstood the format of question, I assumed that both are same so if I select anyone of them I will right but from your response it appears that this question or any questions during exam I must assume these options are executed in sequence and if executed in sequence which one succeeds! :exploding_head:

BTW, there was weird behaviour too while selecting any one of them, the other was automatically selected. Did not capture GIF as I was in the middle of practicing. Probably some glitch. :construction:

I agree with Steeve. But still, it is tricky because the last option has a small error, since there is a quotation mark missing, i.e., ‘Orange’ instead of 'Orange .

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