Is there MongoDB Charts docker image for s390x architecture?

I am looking for to mongodb charts on s390x architecture. The documentation for mongodb charts ( is using docker image, which only supports/works on “amd64 architecture”.

Is there docker image availabe for mongodb that is for s390x architecture ?
If yes, where I can find it.
If no, when it will be available ?

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Hi @alak_patel -

No the image is not available for any other architectures, and we have no plans to do this.


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Hi Tom,

It will help if you can make s390x docker image. I was also looking for same. How difficult would it be ? It will really help us utilize MongoDB Charts.

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Hello @tomhollander I am also looking for s390x arch supported docker image. Can you please help ?

As I mentioned, we have no plans for this. Just to help me understand, can you explain why this is important to you? Do you not have any x86 servers on your network where you could run Charts?


@tomhollander, unfortunately our all services and applications are hosted on s390x architecture based host and our organization don’t provide any other architecture, since all other running applications are suitable for s390x architecture. It will be huge help if you can help get s390x architecture based docker image for MongoDB Charts.

@tomhollander can you help getting s390x docker image ?

Hi @Mehul_Agrawal, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to produce and support this image.

@tomhollander, is there any github repo to which I can contribute in order to build s390x docker image?

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