Is there any way to pass metadata information like correlation id to a document creation?

I’m experimenting with Mongodb streams for learning purposes and I would like to know if there is common approach to pass correlation id to document creation to have it available within a change stream.

Long history short, the use case would be something like:

POST request is creating a document in mongodb, that would generate an insert event. There is a listener created on another microservice listening on those insert events that will do some data management based on received events, I would like to be able to pass a correlation id from the http request to the event stream for observabilty purposes.

Having the correlation id would allow me to filter log traces across different services to have insight about all different contexts that the initial request has triggered.

First thing I can think of is using the document itself as a transport for the correlation id which I don’t feel is good approach, e.g. adding a field like

    "_id" : UUID("30825f68-1be8-4d8b-84a8-3423300c282d"),
    "metadata": {
      "lastCorrelationId": "20825f68-1be8-4d8b-84a8-3423300c282e"
    "__v" : 0

Any other idea or suggestion that I should consider?

Thanks in advance.