Is there an equivalent to web-sockets for web-apps in Realm/Atlas?

I often find myself needing to update a web-app’s UI and content, based on changes to the data on the cloud/server. For example, notifications, several users collaborating on the same data, users working with rapidly changing data, etc.

Sync appears to only work on mobile apps and I have read in a reply, here in community, that this will likely remain so.

So that said, I can’t seem to find any documentation that states how my above browser based use cases should/could be addressed in Realm or Atlas. I am not not going to keep repeatedly querying for such new data of course. It looks like I would need to create a web-socket server, outside Atlas, that could then have it’s own Realm-Sync local data store; feeding any updates to a “subscriber”.

Is this last assessment basically correct or am I missing some more standard way of doing this in this ecosystem? Thank you.