Is there a way to use Mongo Atlas like target (sink) in a Azure Data Factory copy o migration operations?

Hi guys, right now we need to use Azure Data Factory (it’s like SSIS in cloud) to extract, transfrom and load information from ORACLE (OnPremise using Express Route) to Mongo Atlas (Azure cloud) but there is not sink connector for Mongo Atlas, so we need your help to realize how to do this integration.

If there is not a sink connector or a custom connector, what would be the proper way to do this integration?

Maybe expose a api that ADF could consume?

Any suggestions will be apreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Pd. this post was posted in Microsoft forums too.

Hi @Jose_Alejandro_Benit,

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I am not sure if it will be easy to customize Data Factory to sync data to MongoDB Atlas.

But what I saw people do is use the Azure kafka managed service and kafka sink connector for MongoDB to sync the databases:

Maybe ADF has a kafka connector as well.

Let me know if that helps