Is there a way to update atlas function using the CLI?

As indicated in the title, is there a way to update Atlas functions using the CLI? Atlas functions are excellent, but I’ve created an npm module as an external module for Atlas functions. After updating my npm module, I need to also update the version of this external module. Does the official documentation offer a way to update via CLI?

Hi Scoz_Auro,

Please view my reply to your other posting here, as it may clarify concepts relevant to this answer.

While it’s possible to adjust the dependency version in the Dependencies section of the Functions in Atlas UI, you can also opt to make the change locally and push back to Atlas via the CLI. You will need to edit the dependency version within the package.json of the functions directory. Once you’ve done this, run npm uninstall <your_package_name>, followed by npm install <your_package_name> in the functions directory to get the new version in your directory.

To push the new version to Atlas, make sure to use the --include-package-json in your push.

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It works, many thanks!

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