Is there a way to track the syncing process on the Flutter SDK?

I have developed a flutter app and I have managed to implement flexible sync but I have no idea when the app has finished the initial sync or when it’s uploading data to Atlas. As a developer I can see the logs but the users have no way of seeing if all the data is now downloaded or if there’s a pending sync.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Mfundo_Sydwell ,

Are you looking for this - Monitor sync upload progress?

When you use Atlas Device Sync, the Realm Flutter SDK syncs data with Atlas in the background using a sync session. The sync session starts whenever you open a synced realm.

The sync session manages the following:

  • Uploading and downloading changes to the realm
  • Pausing and resuming sync
  • Monitoring sync progress
  • Monitoring network connectivity

You can access the Session of any synced realm through the Realm.syncSession property.

For more details, kindly go through below link on Manage a Sync Session - Flutter SDK


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